Mission Statement
Bringing together GONDBA Members, for the purpose of promoting economic well being, increased development, neighborhood revitalization and improved security in our community.

GONDBA Background
The Greater Old North Dayton Business Association is a non-profit organization of business owners & managers in the Greater Old North Dayton neighborhood, generally referred to as located in the 45404 zip code area. The purpose of the organization is to improve the business environment, serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and encourage involvement in the community. The GONDBA was established over 20 years ago. Key programs developed and funded by the organization have continued. These programs have allowed the organization to have an impact on the community. In the last year we have made considerable progress in accomplishing the goals of our mission statement. Our membership has grown approx. 900% but we need your support to continue. You now have an opportunity to have your concerns addressed and acted upon.

1) A Business to Business Initiative, which encourages local businesses to do business with other local businesses. To help facilitate that, we composed and distributed a Greater Old North Dayton Business Directory.

2) The DaVinci Collaborative is a program to foster community interaction with other positive projects in our area such as the KROC Center, major improvements as Childrens Medical Center, and a new program to encourage home ownership in our community with interest buy-down and down payment assistance.

3) Safety & Security: It is our objective to inform and educate our members how to effectively protect our business investments, by working hand in hand with our local police, prosecutors and judges. We have started a Community Awareness Program to track criminals in our area to make sure people know who they are, where they live and their status in the PRO system. We have taken an active role in reducing crime in OUR area.

webmaster : jarasys@hotmail.com