GONDBA Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2008

Meeting started at 12 noon with a BAD joke from Barry Hall.  We did not do introductions today due to a packed house of guest speakers.

Amber Rose wanted to remind us of “Trunk or Treat”.  Call Amber if you are interested in participating as a company or even as an individual.

Jane McGree Rafel spoke to us on Issue #52.  A 4.9 mil levy to benefit the Dayton Public Schools.  If you have questions, you can contact her at jarafal@dps.k12.oh.us.

Larry Brown from Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm spoke on a program providing free “green” audits for the business community in the Dayton area.  A team of local experts would look at a business’ operations and facilities to determine opportunities for conservation improvements.  Employees of each business would also be invited to Aullwood for a program on conservation and “green” living.  If you are interested, see Larry after the meeting or contact Barry Hall.

We then heard from Greg Brush,Montgomery County Clerk of Courts.  He is running for this position again.  He spoke to regarding the upgraded PRO System.  (Public Records Online). The new system should be rolled out sometime after the elections.

Our next speaker was Joe Ellis, currently Butler Township Trustee, running for Montgomery County Commissioner.  He gave us some of his background and why he thinks he the best man for the job.

When then heard from Phil Plummer, currently Montgomery County Sheriff and running for office again.   Phil has been a friend of GONDBA and has worked hard to get and keep criminals off our streets and in jail. 

We then adjourned and had lunch supplied by Charlies Imports.  Thank you.

Submitted by Karen Zehme, Secretary


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