GONDBA Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2009

Networking began at 11:30 AM with Pizza and Snacks.

Barry Hall, President, brought the meeting to order at noon.  He wanted to acknowledge and thank Michelle Zaremba for making the Northeast Priority Board Calendar.  It was an outstanding job.  Also thanks to Mike Laferty and John Stoddard with Thomas Graphics for their help.

Introductions were made. 

Some of our Unlucky 13 were released in the past few months.  Jason Horn was released early and was breaking into cars within days.  Thanks to our police department, he was caught and returned to prison and will be spending time in Montgomery County after March 1st.

Just a reminder; if you have not paid your annual membership fees they are due now.  If you have paid and it is not shown on the membership list, please let Barry know.  Also, if you have not kept up with your Web sponsorship monies, please make that up now.  We are also looking for new sponsors to post on the web site.  It’s $10 per month, $30 per quarter.

Jerry Arndts gave us an update on our web site.  We are getting more hits and also more referral hits which gives us a better Google Rating.  We are receiving about 10-12 hits per day and the Monthly Minutes and Guest Speakers are what people are looking at most in the web site. 

Sgt. McCune spoke about his (and other officers) participation in the Presidential  Inauguration.  They were part of the Protection Detail for the parade.  They worked long hours and said it was pretty cold but great to be a part of history.

He also talked about what a success “Cops Night Out” was in January.  There was a great turnout and lots of fun had by all.  He wanted to thank Bill Furst for supplying a basket of goodies for the officers that couldn’t be there.

Barry reminded us of the CCW Class scheduled for April 18 and 19.  There is one seat still available.  If there is more interest another class can be scheduled.  Contact Barry Hall if you are interested.  Another class, “Refuse to be a Victim” is in the works for sometime in May.  More information to follow.

Our guest speaker was Craig Powell, Executive Coordinator of PowerNet of Dayton.  He spoke to us about the PowerNet program and introduced us to a couple of its Associates, Lynn Solon and Comer Henry, who had been through and graduated the PowerNet program.  They spoke of their life of crime and their experiences in prison and how the PowerNet program has helped them to help others and their community.  It was, to say the least, moving.  I want to thank them for sharing their stories with us and wish them luck in their future endeavors.  We had a few minutes of questions and answers and then the meeting was adjourned.


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