GONDBA Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2009

Networking began at 11:30 AM with lunch provided by Dayton Children’s. 

Barry Hall, President, called the meeting to order and introductions were made by the members present. 

Barry gave us some updates to our GONDBA.org website.  He said on the “Members” page we will be adding a little statement that describes what each business does.  You’ll be getting a call soon to verify what you want in that statement.  We are also going to be adding a page that can be for members’ business cards, or discount coupons or maybe small flyers.  More information will be coming about that.  We had 746 hits to the website, which is up 14% from the previous month.  Looks like the minutes are what readers are most interested in. 

Update on the Community Awareness Program.  One of our “unlucky” 13, Jason Horn is back in the news.  After being released from jail early, he broke into a vehicle in New Lebanon.  He was caught and went back to jail.  He was let out so that he could attend court and he broke into another vehicle in June.  Barry Hall was in contact with the Prosecutor to make sure he knew of Mr. Horn’s history.  Looks like Mr. Horn was sentenced to 60 days in jail. 

So far, three businesses have signed up for the Business Security Assessment; which is where a police officer will visit your business location and let you know where you might improve on any security issues.  If you are interested in having this done at your business, contact Barry Hall. 

Barry is still getting information on the Suspect Notification Systems that will call when a criminal suspect is in our area and give details so that we can help the police department in locating a suspect.  The calls will only be made during the hours of 7:00 AM through 10:00 PM.  He will update us when he has all the details worked out. 

Amber Rose gave us an update on the Community Picnic scheduled for July 30, 2009.  She has heard from some of our members, but would like to have more involved.  Call Amber on her cell phone to make arrangements on a booth, or any other donation, such as prizes, cash, or time. 

Amber also told us that a tour of the Kroc Center Construction will be available for a group of about 20 people.  Barry will come up with a date and let us know.  Let Barry know if you are interested in going on that tour.

Jerry Bowling gave us an update on the McCook Field Neighborhood Association and what they have been doing in the last months.  Check out the McCook Neighborhood website via the link on the GONDBA website for the details.

Our guest speaker was Mayor Rhine McClin.  She spoke of the accomplishments of the City of Dayton during the last 8 years, what Dayton is looking to do today, and what her hopes are for the future.   She spoke of the Dayton Business Resource Center.  The Dayton Business Resource Center is a one-stop shop for business location and expansion in the city of Dayton.  The Center, located at 371 W. Second St., brings together the services of several development agencies under one roof to provide help with permits, plan review, zoning guidance, financing and incentive information, site-seeking and other services.  Representatives from the City of Dayton Office of Economic Development, CityWide Development Corporation, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Dayton Partnership staff the Center.

Mayor McClin fielded several toughquestions from our members and the meeting was adjourned at 1:10 PM.


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