GONDBA Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2010

Network began at 11:30 with lunch provided by Groceryland. 

Barry Hall, President, called the meeting to order.

Sgt. Andy Booher notified members that Dayton Police will begin placing flyers on a group of vehicles that are susceptible to break ins.  These flyers are to remind individuals to lock their cars and stow away valuable items to deter any criminals from breaking into your vehicle.

Sgt. Booher also explained the Right of Entry Agreement for the Dayton Police.  This is a voluntary program that allows members of the Dayton Police Department to enter a property, for example after hours, to investigate any activity within the outside parameters of the building.  They may question individuals on the property to leave if they are loitering.  First offense will be a violation of criminal trespassing and the second offense could lead to an arrest.  Sign up sheets are available and remember they must be notarized.

One last item Sgt. Booher passed out was the Street Safe; Personal Safety Information Guide brochure.  It contained a lot of great safety tips on traveling or browsing the internet.  Also, it provided some Identity Theft Prevention and Auto Theft Prevention ideas.  Please ask for a brochure, if interested.

Next, Bruce Hastings from The Cleveland Plant & Flower Company spoke about the 3/50 project.  Imagine how much of an impact it would be to local businesses if each person spends $50 a month towards 3 independently owned stores.  This is the idea of the 3/50 project.  Itís making a conscious effort of contributing to local businesses to keep them around.  Check out www.the350project.net for more information.

Amber Rose and Marybeth Haug gave an update on the Kroc Center.  They also spoke about a couple of upcoming events held in May and June of 2010.  Look for more details to come. 

Marybeth, who is the new Community Outreach Specialist for the Kroc Center, mentioned the facilities there are available to businesses in need of meeting rooms or access to various technologies.  She is also taking suggestions of what the Kroc Center can offer back to the community.  Illiteracy programs, marriage seminars, and family relationships were a few topics that were being considered. 

Barry then spoke about the Business to Business Online Advertisement that GONDBA will begin providing.  It is a one page document where business owners can submit advertisement of their business to Barry Hall, via email at CHAMPION@CHAMPIONAS.COM in a pdf format.  It can be any promotions that you are offering, or just a listing of the products and services you provide.  This will be included in our regular email distribution list, reaching over 200 recipients. 

Jerry Bowling spoke about the upcoming meetings held for the McCook Field Association.  Please sign up for facebook to add the association as a fan or a friend to obtain future meeting information.

Then, Marijane Recob, Lead Flight Director, gave members a tour of the amazing Challenger Learning Center.  It is an educational center, using space exploration, to teach students science, math, and technology.  The Center also offers free summer camps for any child that attends Dayton Public School.  There is also team building missions that Companies can take advantage of.  Please visit http://www.challenger.org/clc/lc_profile.cfm?lc_id=52 for more information.  Also, visit the Challenger Center for Space Day on May 1st, 2010 from 10:00- 2:30 pm.

Our next meeting will be held on April 28, 2010 with a guest speaker from Monco.


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