GONDBA Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2010

Network began at 11:30 with lunch provided by GONDBA.

Barry Hall, President, called the meeting to order by discussing our Business 2 Business Advertising and updates on our Community Awareness Program.

Sgt. Booher reviewed the Right of Entry Agreement for those who may still be interested.  Please contact the Dayton Police department for an application.

Becky Gaytko then spoke about a new pilot program at Kiser School called Safe Routes to School. It encourages kids to walk or ride their bike to school with the safety and security of the neighborhood. The school is looking for volunteers from Businesses that would like to participate to be safe havens to individuals interested in safety patrol or porch patrol.  Contact Becky for applications.

Dayton City Manager, Tim Riordon, gave us some insight on the City’s finances. He starts off with “In 2010, the City’s General Ledger will have less money than they did in 1994”.  The efforts to cut back on costs are there. The City is doing all they can do work within the budget but Tim Riordon is afraid we are not saving enough for our future.  On a positive note, the City redid nine Bridges, including enhancing the I-70/I-75 infrastructure.  They put in LED lights at all the traffic signals that will save money in the long run.  He concludes that Dayton has the foundation to build upon.  It can overcome the decline of an economy and still sustain growth.  Tim Riordon will be visiting 30-40 different organizations/ neighborhoods within the next few weeks to take suggestions from citizens on how to keep the City from operating on a deficit.

Tim also spoke briefly about the Procurement Enhancement Program (PEP Program) for minorities and women.  Please visit the City’s website for more details.

Last but not least, GONDBA members expressed concerns about nearby properties that are overgrown with weeds.  GONDBA will team up with local business members to help clean up those properties.  If you see any that needs attention, email Barry Hall with the addresses.

Our next meeting will be held on June 23, 2010.


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