GONDBA Meeting Minutes

July 28th, 2010

Network Meeting began at 5:30 pm with food and drinks provided by Heidelberg Distribution.

Immediately after networking, we took a tour of the Heidelberg facilities.  We were fortunate enough to see the warehouses to both the beer and wine division.

After our tour, Barry Hall, President, called the meeting to order with an update on the property maintenance program.  The City is doing the initial cut of the grass and weeds on some of the vacant properties in the area.  GONDBA will work with Steve Adler from The Groundskeeper of Ohio to do periodic mowing at a reduced rate.  Some of the businesses in the community, such as Bill Furst from Furst Florist, have offered to help maintain properties periodically as well.  Barry gave special thanks to our City Leader, Tim Riordan, for his support in our efforts.

Jerry Bowling gave us an update on the Behr Plume Site in which come August and September, field work will begin.  75 wells will be made functional, real time testing to see how far the plumes disburse, and finding other chemicals to possibly extract from the soil is all in the works.

Barry announced that Jerry Bowling will be our new representative for GONDBA.  He will be reaching out to businesses that are not involved with the organization.

Montie Felman will assist GONDBA with distributing the B2B advertising without taking much space via email.  There is more to come on this.

GONDBA will be purchasing new flags for the flagpoles up on Keowee and Valley St.  Those flags represent the founding nations of Old North Dayton.  They were previously sponsored by the neighborhood association, but the association cannot afford to replace them at this time.

Teresa Wells, PNC Merchant Service Rep, wanted to share a promotion that was going on.  If PNC Bank cannot beat your existing credit card processing rate, then they will offer $1000. 

Teresa Wendell passed out volunteer applications to be a “Panther Patrol” for the Safe Routes to School Program.  On a side note, these applicants will go through background checks.  The program is looking for individuals to help keep an eye out for children that are walking or riding their bicycles to school.  The local businesses could become a safe location if ever, a student finds themselves in trouble while walking to and from school.  Business can also assist by offering a small stipend for volunteers listed on a “Panther Pass”.  If anyone is interested, please contact Teresa Wendell at TAWendel@dps.k.12.oh

Amber Rose gave us an update on the Kroc Center in which currently they have around 2200 members.  There is an upcoming Back 2 School event on Aug. 12 from 5-7 pm where kids can get ready for school.  There will also be a free community concert featuring Bayshore, Hartman, & Adams outside on the Kroc Plaza. 

Dayton Police gave us an update on the Community Awareness Program.  We have two of our worst offenders off the streets, locked up for maximum sentences.

Barry ended the meeting proposing a question to GONDBA members on how we are doing as an organization.  What are your thoughts?  We would like to know what is going well, what we could improve on, or how we can grow this organization to make it better for all of you.  Any suggestions are welcomed.  Members can call or email Barry at any time.


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