GONDBA Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2010

Network began at 11:30 at the Kroc Center with lunch provided by GONDBA.

Barry Hall, President called the meeting to order by discussing updates on our Community Awareness Program and Crime Notification System.

The Crime Notification System has been a success utilizing the One Call Now System. They system operating cost is $89.95 per year.

Teresa Wendell gave updates on the "Safe Route To School" Kiser Panther Patrol. They are asking for volunteers to display "Panther Paws" for safe locations, and asking for volunteers that will be wearing a "Panther Vest" to escort children to and from school safely.  For more information please contact Teresa Wendell at TAWendel@dps.k.12.oh.us.

Kiser's "Trunk or Treat" Halloween Festival is October 28th from 4:30-6:00 p.m. This is a safe alternative to the Halloween tradition of walking door-to-door.  Kiser is asking local businesses, organizations, and individuals to sign up to provide games. activities, crafts, and toys for the students.  For more information please contact Sarah Kunkel, kunkelse@gmail.com.

Teresa Horvath, President of the Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association sent a nice letter thanking GONDBA for replacing the flags for the Tony Stein Memorial bridge pilons at The Point.  They look terrific!

Business to Business E-mails (B2B)  has had a trial run.  Will have it up and working soon.

GONDBA Property Maintenance Program is winding down with the end of summer soon approaching.  Good job, the neighborhood looks much better.

Guest Speaker:  Mark Gerhardstein, Montgomery County Superintendent MCBDDS (Montgomery County  Board of Developmental Disabilities Services) spoke about how critical your vote is in keeping human services available to the tens of thousands of residents who depend on these critical services. This levy must pass to protect and help the most vulnerable citizens in our community. Replacement levy cost $1.30 more a month ($100,000.00) property). The cost of not dealing with the issue is even greater. The Risk if the levy fails is millions in state and federal dollars that would be lost. This levy collects $61 million a year, almost half of all local funding for health and human services. The Humans Levy Supports State Mandated Agencies:  Childrens Services, Developmental Disabilities Services, Public Health Services, and Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services.

EARLY VOTING BEGINS SEPTEMBER 28!!  For more information please contact Mark Gerhardstein at 837-9229! 

Financial Report was available with the Meeting Agenda.

Next month's meeting will be October 27th at the Kroc Center....hope to see you there!  Guest Speaker Jim Dare head of Adult Probation. 


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