GONDBA Meeting Minutes

February 23,2011
Networking began at 11:30 with lunch from Groceryland provided by GONDBA.
Barry Hall, President called the meeting to order. Introductions were made by all present.
Announcement made that a member John Trimbach had recently passed away.
Ruth Pawelski announced that Stebbins High School will be presenting "Community Problem Oriented Policing" (CPOP) on May 21, 2011. This is a crime prevention conference open to businesses and individuals.  Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. Contact Ruth & John Pawelski for further information @ 222-6815.

Theresa Wendell wanted to remind the members of the upcoming "Family Night" at Kiser on March 3,2011. This event is sponsored by The Salvation Army Kroc Center.  This will be an exciting event with free pizza, prices, and games. Registration begins at 5:30 and the program begins at 6:00. There will also be sign up sheets for the summer camps at the Kroc Center.   If you have any questions please contact Teresa Wendell @ 266-1997.
Sgt. McCune & Sgt. Booher reported that crime is down 15% city wide, but unfortunately First District is up 1 1/2 %  with emphasis on commercial breakins.  Sgt. McCune explained that a lot of the properties were actually vacant businesses. School zone patrols are going to be increased to ensure safety of the school children.
B2B- Barry asked for feed back on the interest for  a "Business After Hours"  event in which GONDBA members can set up a small booth or table to explain exactly what their businesses offer. This could be a great tool in promoting your business!
Amber Rose suggested that a new and updated GONDBA directory would be a great idea since the present directory is a few years old. Suggestions were also made to have the GONDBA directory available electronically.
Jerry Bowling announced that a combined meeting for McCook Field, Old North Dayton Neighborhood Associations, and GONDBA will meet Tuesday March 1, 2011 at 6:30 P.M. @ Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center on Keowee St.
Kroc Center is presenting "Toy Story" 1,2,& 3! Toy Story 1 & 2 will be presented March 5th at 12:30 and 2:00. Toy Story 3 will be presented March 12th at 12:00.  Please call the Kroc Center for more information and to verify times and dates 528-5100. 
If you have not already paid your dues please do so.  You can remit your $100.00 dues to GONDBA  P.O. Box 193 Dayton, OH 45404
Bruce Hastings of Nordlie won the door price donated by Dayton Childrens. Congrats Bruce on your Amber Rose gift certificate. Enjoy!
Guest speaker: City of Dayton Mayor, Gary Leitzell
Mayor Leitzell gave a very impressive and informative presentation. He discussed the great things that are happening in the Dayton area.
The Mayor stressed the need for everyone to become more "Pro-Active" in the community.  He talked about the talk show he appears on at 6:00 a.m. the third Friday of the month on Fox 45 and the last Friday of the month on Channel 2 at 6:00 a.m.! He also promotes getting out of the office and seeing  Dayton with a 4 minute "U-Tube Video" detailing what's going on in Dayton. The Mayor is also a strong supporter of Downtown Entertainment which he hope will flourish in conjunction with the Dayton Dragon's baseball games.
The Mayor also announced that Dayton made the "GO" magazine that is placed in the seat backs on airplanes. So next time your on a flight check out the "GO" article on Dayton!
Pay your water bill online, the pilot is just about complete.
Stay turned for Recycling in Dayton.  May be a great asset to the Dayton Community, financially and environmentally.
State of the City address will be held at the Kroc Center in April.
Thanks to Mayor Gary Leitzell for a great meeting!

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