GONDBA Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2012
Networking began at 11:30 with lunch featuring outstanding cabbage rolls from Charlie’s Imports provided by GONDBA.

Barry Hall, President called the meeting to order.

Today’s meeting began with our first Featured Business presentation by Marty Smallwood from Buck Run Commercial Doors and Hardware http://buck-run.com/. Buck Run has been in operation since 1986 and services a number of GONDBA businesses. Their products include commercial industrial grade door products and toilet partitions, although they have done some specialty residential work. Buck Run specializes in the installation of wood, hollow metal and aluminum storefront doors, frames and hardware, toilet partitions, washroom accessories and other specialty items. Thanks Marty for an entertaining presentation!

Economic Development

Several items were discussed regarding ways to spur development in the Greater Old North Dayton and McCook Field area, including low interest loans similar to the Lofts downtown, working with Citywide Development and the St. Mary’s Development Corporation, which will be taking over the Priority Board building. St. Mary’s offers low income housing for seniors as well as working on home rehabilitation programs.

McCook Field

Jerry Bowling III thanked GONDBA for the support for the Holiday events in the McCook Field Neighborhood. He also discussed business promotion to residents in their meeting notice and emails. The Association now has a Facebook page.

Featured Speakers:  Karen Garber and Bob Redden from the USPS
Karen, the Dayton Postmaster and Bob, the District Review Coordinator, discussed the challenges facing the United States Postal Service, from decreased use of services due to email and electronic payments to increased costs. Use of first class mail continues to drop 10% per year, while bulk mail has remained steady. However, bulk mail brings in 1/3 the revenue of first class mail. The Postal Service is also required by Congress to front-load retirees, paying for employees that have not actually been hired yet, something that no other company has to do. This adds a considerable amount to the costs of labor, which currently takes up approximately 80% of total costs. With these constraints, the Postal Service has had to review all processes to reduce costs and increase revenue, just like any business. The Postal Service has developed several partnerships with UPS, FedEx and Hallmark to increase revenues. Many cost cuts and consolidations have already taken place, most without any noticeable effect on delivery. Bob stressed that the review processes are ongoing, but all closures are on hold until May. The potential closure of our local post office will not affect mail delivery or a resident’s ability to send out mail. Stamps can be purchased via the mail carriers or local businesses and package pick-up can also be arranged through the mail carriers. Patrons that need to go to the post office for services would have to go to the Fifth St. office. Parking concerns have been heard and would be improved to accommodate the increased traffic. Post Office boxes currently at our local office would transfer to Fifth St but the address would not have to change, saving businesses from having to reprint address information. Postal patrons are encouraged to contact their members of congress to comment on the Postal Service.

PNC Bank is offering up to $150 for opening a Performance Checking Account now through 2/18/12. Stop by a PNC office for details.

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