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Todayís meeting was held at the Amber Rose restaurant and featured their famous cabbage rolls. Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting with an update on some of the unlucky 13. Jason Horn is in jail in Warren County and Chris Mills is still hospitalized. More information on the Community Awareness Program and those on the list is available on the GONDBA website.

Dayton Police Officer Jon Zimmerman reported that some crime stats are down, including motor vehicle theft. Total crime is up 3% for the year, but down 9% compared to 2010. He talked about the Property ID Project, which shows residents how to document what is in the house, particularly electronics, by writing down the brand, description and serial numbers. UV markers are being utilized to mark property and allow police to link stolen property with the owner. A door sticker will be available to indicate that the property has been marked and recorded.

The Dayton Police Department offers alert notification for crime sprees in the area. A searchable map is available on the department website at http://www.daytonohiopolice.com/crimemap/  Officer Zimmerman encourages residents and businesses to file reports for thefts and incidents such as slashed tires, even though you may not expect the perpetrator to be found. This information helps officers track crimes in the neighborhood. 

Jerry Arndts reported that GONDBA website traffic is steady, with the most viewed pages being the meeting minutes and the community awareness program. Soon he will be posting photos from the National Night Out picnic and cruise-in.

Connie Nisonger of the Northeast Priority Board reported that they have procured a $3000 grant for the Flood Memorial Park to recognize the 100th anniversary of the 1913 flood. She noted that Mark Cunningham is no longer the chairperson; Dave Powers is now in that position. She also recognized the donation that GONDBA made to the school supply fund that helps teachers purchase needed school supplies throughout the year.

Kevin Tibbs from the Ronald McDonald House talked about their radiothon on Mix107.7 (9/27/12), sponsored by McAfee Heating and Air. This event is one of their 3 major fundraisers. He encouraged all present to stop by with donations (nothing is too small or too big!). He also mentioned that they have the pull tab collection ongoing, so continue to drop those off at the house.

Our main guest speakers were the honorable Judge Christopher Roberts and Chief Prosecutor Stephanie Cook. They offered information on the prosecution process and challenges in that process. Judge Roberts noted that he frequently looks up information on an offender, such as prior arrests and convictions, to have a better understanding of how to proceed with that individual.  Prosecutor Cook explained some of the challenges that come with prosecuting and sentencing the perpetrators. These include budget constraints, which influences whether the person goes to jail or gets probation and maximum sentencing restrictions. Other challenges include out-of-town victims that donít want to come back to the area for the court appearance or victims who just donít want to get involved. Many offenders know this and take advantage of the victimís reluctance to go through the process. She encouraged victims to go beyond just reporting the crime; follow up with the prosecutor, talk to the officers, make them aware of repeat offenders. Donít contact the judges directly as this can prejudice the judge. When asked about graffiti and tagging buildings, she said that itís not an option to identify the perpetrator from the paint or type of tag; the person must be caught in the act or there is a witness to identify the person. Businesses and individuals can use video cameras to catch the person, but the video must be quality and include a face shot. She mentioned that there are new legislative challenges going into effect as well that influence how they proceed with a case, sentencing changes for 4th and 5th degree felonies and reclassification for drug paraphernalia charges. Expungement laws are also changing.

The police officers encouraged the group to report suspicious activities to either 225-HELP (Mont. Co. sheriffís office non-emergency) or 333-COPS (City of Dayton non-emergency)

Barry closed the meeting by asking for assistance in planning GONDBA meetings and activities. He has to devote more time in the shop and needs help. Please contact Barry and let him know how you can help. 

Remember to support your local businesses! See you next month.

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