GONDBA Meeting Minutes


Today’s meeting was held at the Dayton Children’s Hospital and was very well attended. Members enjoyed a great lunch and networking with 50 other local business members, members of the Dayton Police Department and representatives from Dayton Children’s.

·     Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting with a few updates, including inviting those in attendance to a car show at the American Legion on Saturday, June 29th from 12-4.

·     Bill Evans introduced A.J.Wagner, candidate for Dayton City mayor, who spoke briefly to the group about his vision for Dayton. Bill also encouraged all members to bring a local business associate who is not a member to see what the group is all about.

·     Mike Heitz, president of Garrett Day LLC updated to the group on the company’s numerous projects. The Love Boutique on Keowee has been stripped and is scheduled for demolition on August 10th. The Royal Motel has been purchased and cleaned out and will be demolished after the Love Boutique. The bowling alley is currently in foreclosure and the company is looking to demolish that as well. Vacant houses next to Electroplate and a vacant apartment building down the street will soon be taken down. The company is looking at 6 other properties on Keowee and Webster with the overall goal of cleaning up and redeveloping Old North Dayton.

·     Will Harris from Downtown Dayton Radio spoke to the group about the new on-line radio station for Dayton. The station offers a platform for local and small businesses and serves as a source for local music and events in the area. The station in internet only and is on 24/7. Their website is http://downtowndaytonradio.com/

·     Connie Nisonger mentioned that 12 mini grants are available to City of Dayton neighborhoods for physical improvements, marketing materials, community events, and other initiatives benefiting the community or increasing organizational capacity. Recipients are encouraged to use grant funds to leverage other funding sources and contributions. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee and ranked on standard criteria and special criteria. For more information, contact Connie at 333-7380.

·     Dayton Police Report: overall crime is down 14%, with violent crime down 16%. Various spikes occur with release of offenders. In Old North Dayton, the DPD continues to work on target spots and is also using more bike patrols. iPad theft stings are in effect in the area.

Our featured speaker was Children’s Hospital CEO Deborah Feldman. Ms Feldman has been in the CEO position for 1 year, after serving Montgomery County for 30 years, most recently as the Montgomery County Administrator. She spoke to the group about Destination 2020: Dayton Children's goal to remain an independent, locally governed children's hospital advancing their role as a leader in quality and safety and improving the health of children in the region. She discussed the 4 areas of focus:

1.   The Patient Experience, beginning with the entrance to the hospital and including such aspects as billing, appointment scheduling, developing family friendly systems and patient advocacy.

2.   Right Services, whether those services are at the hospital or through referrals

3.   Physicians Integration, including the development of the Medical Home, specialty access and physician connections between the hospital and pediatricians.

4.   Strong Care Alliances, including community collaboration, academic and strategic partnerships with other hospitals.

More information on Destination 2020 can be found at http://www.daytonchildrens2020.com/

Ms. Feldman detailed some of the more recent steps in reaching the hospital’s goals. In March, Dayton Children’s joined in association with Premier Health Partners. In April, Dayton Electroplate was demolished and the hospital is working with the city to find the right company for redevelopment. Ms Feldman is chairperson of the DaVinci project, a collaborative effort to revitalize the area bounded by I-75, Route 4, the Mad River, and Stanley Avenue. Other organizations involved in the DaVinci project include GONDBA, the Kroc center, UD, City of Dayton and Citywide Development. Another aspect of the DaVinci plan is looking at working in partnership with Dayton Metro Parks in establishing a connecting bike path to the current bike path system and parks. The hospital is also working on a children’s garden with the goal of modeling good behavior related to activities and diet. They are in the process of getting a grant and raising funds for the project.

In the last few months, the hospital has been evaluating their physical resources and focusing on projects to renew the campus. The patient tower is 70 years old (considered obsolete in hospital terms). More information will be forthcoming in the months ahead.  

Additional projects going on at the hospital include expanding the neurosciences and sports medicine by partnering with other centers such as WPAFB. In July the hospital will begin the process of updating the revenue cycle to the new EHR; the hospital has been using the EPIC EHR (electronic health records) system throughout the hospital.

Barry closed the meeting, thanking Children’s Hospital for a great meeting and reminding members that, all things being equal, we all benefit by doing business with our local neighbors. Keep our businesses strong!

See you next month.

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