GONDBA Meeting Minutes


Today’s meeting was held at Composite Advantage. The meeting was well attended, with a great lunch selection from Charlie’s Deli.

·        Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting and updated the group on upcoming changes with the email address. Look for new email to come with an aol address. Barry also announced the Yu Chen, our group treasurer, will be transferring to a different PNC location and will no longer be able to participate in the association and has resigned as treasurer. If you or another prospect you know of someone who is interested in assuming these responsibilities, please contact Barry. We will also be focusing on our group’s business-to-business marketing, so please let Barry know if you would like to offer specials or discounts to GONDBA members. He will also be updating the “unlucky 13” on the website, as new faces have emerged. Barry also reminded the group that AEP is working with GONDBA in helping member businesses obtain lower rates for DP&L and other utilities. Ask Barry for further details.

·        Jerry Bowling III from the McCook Field Neighborhood Association told the group that they would like to have a newsletter for residents 2-3 times a year. The first newsletter is targeted for April 1st and will feature news for the area and info from local businesses.

 Scott Reeves from the DaVinci Collaborative and Composite Advantage was the featured speaker today.

·        The presentation highlighted the DaVinci project and the work accomplished through the leadership of the DaVinci Partners: Dayton Children’s Hospital, The Salvation Army, the City of Dayton, GONDBA and a private foundation. Citywide has worked with these partners to develop a comprehensive community development plan to improve the Old North Dayton and McCook Field neighborhoods.

·        Planned improvements include redesign and beautification of the Valley Street Corridor, a link to bike and waterway recreational amenities and the creation of a navigation loop to improve traffic circulation, including wayfinding signage.

·        Current projects include the home repair and paint program, Valley St reimaging and a Children’s garden across from the hospital.

·        Studio Graphics in under contract with the city to work on the wayfinding plan. Input from local businesses and residents will be essential throughout this project.

o       Phase 1 will involve meetings, site visits and surveys of travel patterns and existing conditions as well as the design and budget for the signage. This phase will begin in February and will involve engaging area stakeholders, including telephone and mail surveys from local businesses.

o       Phase 2 will further develop the design and messaging plan and create bid documentation.

o       Phase 3 will be implementation and funding, likely a combination of public and private contributions

o       The GONDBA meeting in March in provide the initial results and give opportunity for feedback. Look for details in GONDBA emails.

·        The floor was opened up for questions from attendees and discussion included:

o       Ambiguous wayfinding signs on I-75

o       Desire for a functional yet efficient signage plan that won’t overload the senses and is easy to understand when someone is driving into the area

o       Making sure that the wayfinding project has a system and plan in place for updating signage as new business come in or the signs need maintenance. 

The Dayton Police Department gave brief crimes stats, noting that we have a good start to the year. It was mentioned that there have recently been prostitution activity in the Family Dollar lot on Troy St.

 Thanks for keeping our businesses strong! See you next month.

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