Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2008

Barry Hall called the meeting to order.  He welcomed everyone and detailed some mail problems that may have explained the lower than usual attendance at this meeting. 

Barry introduced Karen Zehme (me) as the new Secretary.  Amanda Bennett will continue her duties as Treasurer.

All in attendance introduced themselves.

Copies of the “rough draft” of the By Laws were given out at the sign in desk.  Barry pointed out the new changes which included changing our fiscal year to the calendar year and also raise the annual dues to $100.  Becky Gaytko motioned we take a vote to approve the new By Laws.  Chuck Zehme second the motion.  A vote was taken by raising hands and the new By Laws were approved by over a 2/3  majority vote.  (A visual count was taken.)

Sergeant  McCune gave us an update on Safety and Police Security.  Overall crime was down 13% for the year.   Twenty seven started the new academy class and should be on the streets in July.  Not sure exactly how many will be in the North Dayton Area.  There will be more warrant sweeps in late February /early March.

The “Cops Night Out” will be January 26, 2008 at the Amvets Hall.  They are short $150 for the band.  If you would like to donate, e-mail Barry Hall.  Barry also has free tickets for the event.  Let’s all show our support.

Barry Hall said our new website is up.  Check it out at  We will be posting our “persons of interest” as well as GONDBA information on this site.

Dan Foley, Montgomery County Commissioner, was our guest speaker.  He spoke about the “Data Sharing” capabilities that have been put in to place and some that might be coming in the near future.   He was asked some tough questions about crimes and punishment.  He acknowledged our frustration and focused on the good that has been accomplished in the Dayton Community.

Dan Foley can be reached at (937) 225-4690 or by e-mail

The next GONDBA meeting will be January 30, 2008.  The guest speaker will be Rashad Young, Dayton City Manager.