GONDBA Meeting Minutes

GONDBA Meeting


Today’s meeting was held at Amber Rose, featuring a buffet lunch.

·        Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting, thanking those in attendance for keeping our organization strong. He updated the group on the Community Awareness Program…the Horn family is back in jail. Further details on the unlucky 13 are available on the GONDBA website.

·        Dayton Police Officer Greishop reported that overall crime is up 11% from the previous year. There were 3 armed robberies as well as an increase in break-ins at businesses. Overall, breaking and entering is down 37% from last year and property crime is down 18%. The DPD has increased patrols in the area.

·        Mike Heitz, president of Garrett Day LLC updated to the group on the company’s numerous projects. The Royal Motel has been is down and the back building is in the foreclosure process. The Love Boutique on Keowee has been stripped and is in the process of being demolished. The bowling alley is in the foreclosure process. Brush has been removed from the apartments on Valley St. The Keowee Market at 812 Keowee is down as well as a property at Keowee and Webster. The company expects to begin removal of the Harris Thomas Foundry next year. They are pursuing a grant for contamination assessment of the property at Valley and Stanley before the concrete can be removed.

·        Mimi Morris from the Dayton Metro Library presented an update on the E.C.Doren library branch. The renovation is currently in the design stage with the goal of meeting modern library needs while maintaining the branch’s historic character. A community forum will be held on September 11th at 7:00 to discuss design and program elements and the construction timetable. The city will be looking for an interim space to rent, approximately 5000 sqft. 

·        Today’s featured speaker was David Esrati, candidate for Dayton City Commission. He is an independent democrat and believes in open, honest government. He is known for hanging over 100 basketball nets on rims in local basketball courts to bring focus on giving Dayton’s youth something to do. He believes it is important to make Dayton a digital city, bringing internet access to the community and students. He wants to bring the focus back to the neighborhoods and respect to city residents and believes that creativity and innovation are needed to build the Dayton of the future. More information on his campaign can be found at www.ElectEsrati.com

Barry closed the meeting, noting that our next meeting will feature A.J Wagner and Nan Whaley, candidates for Dayton City mayor.

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong! See you next month.

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