GONDBA Meeting Minutes


Today’s meeting was held at the ELKS Lodge #58 on Troy St with lunch from Domino’s Pizza, attended by ~40 local business members. Our featured speaker was former Dayton mayor Gary Leitzell.

·        Barry Hall, GONDBA president, opened the meeting with introductions and updated the group on our 401C3 status and the Community Awareness Program. One of our repeat felons, Elliott Sears, is back in jail. Barry also introduce the new president of the Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association, Ann Siefker.

·        Andy Badinghaus from CityWide Development followed up on Scott Reeve’s presentation last month and urged the group to participate in the forthcoming Wayfinding survey. Look for an email soon. Studio Graphique will be putting the information together and presenting at our next meeting.

·        Office Greishop reported on local crime statistics. Violent crime is down 75% and burglary, B&E is down 50%. 2 local repeat felons are currently in jail, so that has helped in this reduction.

·        Greg Murphy from Murfbooks spoke to the group about his organization and opportunities that might be available to assist GONDBA with fundraising. Options include setting up a system for the collection of hardcover and softcover books, mixed office paper and shredded paper, hosting a book sale and offering book sales to local employees at their business, similar to candy honor boxes. GONDBA could receive revenue from each of these options.

·        Matt Grote from Jasper Ecotech spoke to the group about lighting updates required by the EPA and options for upgrading fixtures to replace fluorescent tubes that are being phased out.

·        Jerry Arndts, website/IT coordinator for GONDBA, mentioned that he will be updating the businesses on the website to reflect current membership and said that we are now using Constant Contact to handle our email distribution.

Featured speaker Gary Leitzell spoke on his latest projects since leaving the office of mayor of Dayton. He is planning on running as an independent for the Montgomery County Commission and is currently collecting signatures on a petition to get on the ballot. Along with others, he has developed the Montgomery County Independents PAC to assist independent with the intricacies of running for office as an independent. He also spoke of his Kids In Dayton Safe Program that offers assistance to youth who cannot afford the entrance fees for the recreation center or the recreation programs offered there. Another project he is working on involves providing food to the children in our area who are underfed and how we can solve this problem, whether through utilization of open property for farming or gardens, working with food banks or other options. He was asked about the effectiveness of Tim Riordan, city manager and provided several examples of successful programs that Tim has implemented and risks he has taken to run the city well.

Make plans to attend our next meeting on March 26th as we get more information on the DaVinci Project, Wayfinding and hear from the Navigational Loop planning team. Please participate in the Wayfinding survey sent by email by March 7th.

See you next month!

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