GONDBA Meeting


Today's meeting was held at Amber Rose Restaurant and was very well attended.

        Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting by updating the group on the DaVinci project. The proposed plan is coming in July and will be reviewed at our July meeting. Also, put August 5th on your calendars for National Night Out. We will be doing a picnic again at Stuart Patterson Park in conjunction with taste of Old North Dayton. Contact Ann Siefer from the Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association if you are available to help in any way.

        Officer Grieshop reported that overall crime is down 15% last month and 12% for the year. Burglaries are down 26% from last year. Please contact crimestoppers if you have tips on drug houses or on crimes in the neighborhoods. Look for lots of great information in the EPOD newsletter.

        Lieutenant Booher presented information on neighborhood initiatives and projects, including an initiative designed to assist criminals in the court system and those on probation who are working through drug addiction. The criminals are teamed up with assistance for drug treatment, health insurance, etc. Family members can get assistance through Narcanon.

Lt. Booher also spoke of the problem of graffiti and ways to address the problem. Graffiti is associated with crime in the minds of many. One way of helping is to volunteer to assist in graffiti removal or help in painting murals that have been designed for certain areas. The mural at 3rd and Linden is one example of how murals are usually left alone and not tagged. 

Featured Speakers: Erik Hardin, Virginia Marsete and Dion Novak from USEPA, Scott Glum from Ohio EPA and Michelle Simmons from Dayton water dept.  

        Eric spoke to the group about the Behr site and explained how Superfund status is applied to a property. The Behr site was first looked at in the 90ís due to the release of TCE when Chrysler owned the property. Drainage through the soil causes vapor to come back up (vapor intrusion). 240 houses have mitigation systems to keep vapors out. Currently the southern edge of the property is in the remedial investigation phase. An anticipated plan for cleaning up the site is expected in 2015-2016. Ongoing investigations are occurring to identify new houses and set up mitigation as needed. There will be a public comment session in July on the analysis.

        Dion presented information on the Valley Crest site on Brandt Pike. This landfill site was used for industrial waste. The EPA got involved in the 90ís. Treatment of the soil occurred in the 2000ís, with several companies involved. The process now involves negotiating with companies that paid for the study and getting engineering designs for long term protection. The ultimate goal would be to develop a plan for eventual development and reuse. The Ohio EPA needs local help to negotiate with the responsible parties and broker discussions on redevelopment.

        Michelle added that the City of Dayton wants to ensure that the hazards get mitigated. She reiterated that a local entity can be instrumental in driving the reuse of the property. There will be meetings at the Dayton Convention Center from 10-11am on June 9,16, 23 and 30, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to discuss reuse potential. If you would like to be involved, but cannot attend, contact Mary Faulkner at the water dept. The proposal for water protection changes can be viewed at the DaytonOhio.gov site.

        Ginny talked to the group about Valley Pike. The Ohio EPA turned the site over to the US EPA last summer and the sampling area has expanded. More houses are being evaluated for possible mitigation systems.

Barry closed the meeting, thanking everyone for their input. Our next meeting will be held on June 25th. Watch your email for the location.  

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong! See you next month.

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