GONDBA Meeting


Today's meeting was held at the Kroc Center, attended by over 50 local business owners, managers, law enforcement and city and county representatives.

        Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting, welcoming guest speaker Paul Gruber, Montgomery County Engineer and others involved in the planned replacement of the Keowee Street Bridge over the Great Miami River.

        Officer Grieshop reported crime stats for 2014. Overall crime was down 4% last year, violent crime was down 20%, property theft was down 3% (down 20% over the last 2 years). Residential burglary was down 32% (27% over the last 2 years). There had been reports of kids vandalizing and/or damaging cars along and near Troy and Leo and Maryland, but this seems to have dropped off over the last 2-3 weeks.

Motor vehicle theft has increased significantly and officer Grieshop reminded the group not to leave their car running with the keys inside in order to warm the car up. Numerous vehicles have been stolen as they were warming up.  

        Andy Badinghaus from CityWide Development Corporation mentioned a grant program that can be used for neighborhood groups or projects. Look for an upcoming email on the subject and contact Andy if interested.

        Barry presented updates on the DaVinci Project as provided by Scott Reeve:

o       The Point renovation continues with the demolition of abandoned buildings.

o       Plans to improve the Valley St and Keowee Street intersection have almost completed the approval process.

o       Vectren Partnership:  The corporate staff of the Vectren Foundation has selected the DaVinci Project as its community redevelopment project in Dayton.

o       Mayor Whaley has established a small grant fund for arts, culture and beautification projects in neighborhoods.  Request will be made for a Second Annual Taste of Old North Dayton for the grant.

o         Wayfinding project is continuing with final definition of the signs and proposed locations.

Featured Speakers:

Paul Gruner, Montgomery County Engineer, and his team spoke to the group about the proposed Keowee Bridge replacement. The project is currently in the design stage, with public comments being accepted through February 13, 2015. Bridge demolition and construction is expected in 2018. The bridge will be closed for 12-18 months. The department is investigating ways to minimize the impact on local businesses and welcomes input on ways to encourage patronage, whether through wayfinding signage or other promotional campaigns.

Planned improvements to the bridge include widening to 5 lines to accommodate turn lanes at either end of the bridge, wider sidewalks and bikeway access. There are several combinations of design options available, including options on the bridge piers, bump-out pedestrian overlooks and railing designs. Street lighting and pedestrian lighting will be provided.

The proposed detour for vehicular traffic will take traffic onto I-75 via Stanley Ave. and Wagner Ford Rd. Bike path traffic will be maintained through a temporary crossing at Embury Park Rd. Boat traffic and pedestrian traffic will not be maintained.

Comment sheets were provided at the meeting to return to the Montgomery County Engineers Office for public feedback on design and thoughts and concerns on the proposed project. Deadline for feedback is February 13, 2015.

Barry closed the meeting, thanking everyone for their participation. Our next meeting will be held on February 25th. See you then!

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong! See you next month.

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