GONDBA Meeting

August 26, 2015

Barry began the meeting and thanked those in attendance.

  • National Night Out was held on August 4th and had a great turnout. GONDBA received a Mayor’s Grant from the City of Dayton to help with the cost.

Lt. Andy Booher from the DPD discussed the gang issues

                It has calmed down some

Neighbor Watch-Matt

                -Being Proactive

                -Meeting on 8/26 Chappel & Troy St.

                -Going to fix bikes over the winter and then give
                  them out in the spring

                -Looking for space to hold the bikes during the winter

                -Any can help repair the bikes 50-100 bikes


All attendees introduced themselves


Crime Stats:

            -20 burglaries in 28 days

-Bate Program-Need a volunteer (in areas where the crime is high). The DPD will use your vehicle with your belongings out of the vehicle and the only thing in the vehicle will be a cell phone…which will be tracked every movement with by the DPD.

-Coffee with Cops…Looking for a location for 9/18/15 (TBA) between the hours of 10-12. Seven to eight officers along with the command staff will be present.


                Mike Turner was introduced…..

                                Discussed his involvement with the Armed Services
                                Linked to community/leadership getting involved
                                Discussed WPAFB

                                Discussed IRS/Social Security briefly

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong! See you next month.

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