GONDBA Meeting


Today's meeting was held at the Amber Rose Restaurant, attended by numerous local business owners, managers, law enforcement and city and county representatives.

* Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting, welcoming attendees. He recognized Jerry Bowling and his very successful Winnie the Pooh reading event to kick off a summer reading programs. 188 students from Kiser and Our Lady of the Rosary were able to partake and each received a book.

* Kervin Valez from Dayton Police Department gave crime stats and information on recent crimes. The recent crime at the Valero at Troy and Valley was discussed. Crime stats are favorable, aside from a slight spike in aggravated assault, primarily domestic disputes. He also mentioned that the next Coffee with a Cop will be in June, with specific date and location to come.

* Major Brian Johns from Dayton Police Department discussed recent headlines concerning Dayton’s top ranking in drug overdoses. He also asked for help in setting up trailer and lawn mower sting operations. Contact him if you can assist with providing bait equipment.

* Connie Nisonger invited the group to join the DeWeese Ridgecrest Neighborhood Garden Tour on June 18th. Tickets are $10 and are available at www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-deweese-ridgecrest-garden-tour-tickets-24839860692

* Matt Tepper from Evans Bakery and the Old North Dayton Neighborhood Assoc. mentioned that their next meeting will be June 14th at 5:45 at the Bindery. A representative from MVRPC will be discussing bike islands and access to the bikeways. A neighborhood watch meeting will follow at 7:00. The group will be coming out with a mugshot list of neighborhood criminals, similar to GONDBA’s Lucky 13. If there are specific area in Old North Dayton that are “hot spots” of criminal activity, let Matt know.

* Randy Chestnut spoke about the project to put together a 4-H club, the first urban 4-H club in the county. They are going to use the summer to build momentum for the project. Options for programs include photography, woodworking, robotics, environmental science and many others. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting the effort, there will be a meeting on June 12th. Contact Randy for details. They are hoping for a launch at NNO, Taste of OND on August 2nd.

* Dr. Kathy Rudolf from Dayton Optometric Center shared that work will be commencing in June on a mural on the south side of their office. Dedication is scheduled for NNO, Taste of OND on August 2nd.

Our guest speaker was Larry Hansgen, WHIO radio morning host and the voice of Dayton Flyers basketball and football. He spoke about his passion for UD and the Dayton area. In his book, True Team: The Dayton Flyers’ Run to the Elite Eight, he speaks of the unique story of this special team and their unexpected run at the 2014 NCAA basketball tournament. He told the group about the tenacity of the players and

their coach and how their success had more to do with what they didn’t do, rather than what they did. He also answered questions on a range of topics.

Barry closed the meeting, thanking everyone for their participation and reminded participants to submit their dues. Our next meeting will be held on June 22nd. See you then!

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong!

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