GONDBA Meeting


Guest speakers

Edd McGatta -  Dayton Children's

Keith Steeber -civil engineer, Dayton

Kevin Velez-DPD

Andy Badinghaus- DaVinci--Wayfinding and signage


Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting with introductions and updates. Members should look for dues statements in upcoming emails and mailings. And with regards to emails, please let us know if you are not receiving the emails/newsletters/updates. We have found that some servers are not recognizing the address. Please note that the emails come from gondba@gondba.org via Mail Chimp. If you have problems viewing the emails, let us know. Any responses sent to gondba@gondba.org are sent to Barry and our secretary, Kathy Rudolf. 

Matt Tepper from Evans Bakery and the Old North Dayton Neighborhood Assn updated the group on progress made in local parks, particularly the Dayton Children's garden and Stuart Patterson park. There is possible funding from the Public Health Dept to update other parks and improve play areas. The neighborhood appreciates and help and support that local residents and businesses are willing to provide. 

Edd McGatha spoke to the group on the new patient tower at Dayton Children's as well as other improvements to the area near Children's. New highway signs are up on I-75 and Rt 4 to provide better wayfinding for those coming to the hospital. Other improvements are in process to develop a better experience for patients and their families, including the area and approach to the hospital. The new patient tower will provide increased services, specialty units and improved infrastructure. Watch for the grand unveiling in June 2017. 

Keith Steeber discussed ongoing and upcoming bridge and road projects as well as some gas and water projects that could potentially affect those in OND. A full list of upcoming projects is available by contacting our secretary, Dr. Kathy Rudolf.


Kevin Velez from the DPD updated the group on crime stats and local issues. For 2016, violent and armed robberies, aggravated assault and theft were all down. Theft from motor vehicles was up and MV theft was up slightly. Never leave your car warming up while running, never leave your keys in the car (such as at a gas station).  Major John's local focus is on NPSI, or neighborhood problem solving initiatives. As to the opiate problem, there is now a full time opiate addiction resource officer that focuses solely on these overdoses and arrests and follows up on every offense. Last week there were 85 overdoses in Montgomery county and 5 deaths in Dayton over the weekend. One approach being used is to get the offenders from the hospital and/or jail directly to a treatment facility.    Other projects to address crime in the area includes using bait cars and trailers to catch MV theft offenders, with the goal of decreasing MV theft by 15%. Another goal is decreasing commercial crime by making recommendations to make businesses less vulnerable to thieves. 


Major Johns also mentioned an unusual number of dead/killed rabbits found since June 2016. If you have noticed this or have any information, please contact the DPD.

Andy Badinghaus provided updates on the DaVinci wayfinding projects. Phase 1

will be moving forward with directional signs to major destinations in OND. Look for installation in early Summer. Phase 2 will include additional directional and neighborhood signs. The funding is in place for phase 1 to proceed, but additional funds are needed to reach the goal of $370,000 for all signage and a repair and maintenance fund. We are 70% to our goal and will need local funding to reach that goal. Look for info from Andy and Scott Reeve for the rest of the funding. 


Other updates came from Connie Nisonger, city of Dayton, who talked to the group about mini grants and free tax services. There will be a kickoff weekend in February at the Job Center; tax services will also be available at Doren library. 

Bill Evans from Evans Bakery mentioned a local widow who is looking to sell her lat husband's 93 corvette. Contact Bill at the bakery if you or someone you know is interested.

Barry adjourned the meeting and reminded members to send in their dues. We look forward to seeing you next month. 


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