GONDBA Meeting


Today's meeting was held at the Amber Rose Restaurant, attended by numerous local business owners, managers, law enforcement and city and county representatives.

· Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance.

o Dues statements for 2018 have been mailed are in the newsletters. GONDBA has added a line for additional contributions to raise more money for events and programs. We appreciate your additional donations!

o Don’t forget that you can advertise your business in the GONDBA newsletter and website. Last year Champion gave $5500 in discounts to neighborhood businesses and employees.

o We also have a Facebook page with updates and photos.

· Kervin Valez of Dayton Police Department gave crime stats.

o There has been an increase in motor vehicle theft, primarily from those left to warm up or with keys in the vehicle.

o The next Coffee with a Cop will be at Children’s, watch the FB page for a date. There will be Ice Cream with a Cop over the summer.

· Matt Tepper, president of Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association updated the group on neighborhood activities:

o The neighborhood watch meeting on 3/15 at the Lutheran church will feature training on “run, hide, fight” and how to deal with an active shooter.

o On 3/21, a rep from the EPA will be meeting with the Community Advisory Group concerning the Behr Plume and answering submitted questions. Contact Matt if you have questions to submit beforehand.

· Andy Bahdinghaus from CityWide met with Matt and Jerry Bowling to review and update the vision and goals for the neighborhood plans and coordinate with the DaVinci plan. Neighborhood plans include improvements to Troy St, wayfinding signage and a rebuild of Valley St from Rita to Stanley to extend the streetscape from Children’s Hospital.

· Connie Nisonger updated the group on the situation with the food pantry on Springfield St and concerns of surrounding businesses. A variance was issued with the understanding that a safer environment would be established and they would monitor parking.

Our guest speaker today was Monnie Bush from the Victory Project on Troy St.

The Victory Project works with disengaged young men, ages 12-18, to get them off the streets and focused on improving their future. There are 30 students in the program and another 400+ on a wait list. Their mission is to empower young men to discover the life God intended by mastering self-awareness, self-sufficiency, and selfless service, building an uncommon alliance with uncommon youth for uncommon results. Their philosophy is to create an environment that is so valuable to the student that they modify their behavior to maintain membership. By undoing the youths isolated experiences, they expose them to the potential of a positive socio-economic standing

through the 3E’s Curriculum: Education, Entrepreneurship, and Enlightenment. Students in the program find freedom and independence by obtaining marketable skills that allow them to compete in the workforce. For the education aspect, the organization provides weekly, individualized homework assistance and tutoring. They attend parent/teachers conferences advocating between youth, parents, and school. Their goal is for each student to graduate high school, pursue higher education in college, trades or military service. For entrepreneurship, there is Victory Landscape Management and Victory Improvement Projects. They offer commercial and residential landscape services including mowing, mulching, and spring/fall clean-up.

They have also started doing residential and commercial remodel along with worksite cleanup. This business trains young men in construction skills while allowing them to earn an income. The student workers are trained and supervised by qualified adult staff. Enlightenment includes sharing dinner five nights a week, Bible Study and celebrating birthdays together. They provide consistency for students that is often lacking in their lives.

The group is looking for partnerships for interns and also hopes to open a Victory Project for women this year.

Barry closed the meeting, thanking everyone for their participation. Our next meeting will be held on March 28th. See you then!

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong!


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