GONDBA Meeting


Today's meeting was held at the Amber Rose Restaurant, attended by numerous local business owners, managers, law enforcement and city and county representatives.

* Barry Hall, president, opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance.

o A list of companies that have paid their 2018 dues was reviewed. Thank you to all who promptly paid and also to those who made additional donations! Contact Barry if you paid and your name is not on the list.

* Kervin Valez of Dayton Police Department gave crime stats.

o Crime stats are pretty stable, with a few B&E into garages.

o The next Coffee with a Cop will be at Twin Towers Place on Friday, May 11 from 10:30a-Noon

o The department is accepting donations to cover the cost of Ice Cream with a Cop. Prairie Farms provides the ice cream at cost and the check would be made out to them. Contact Kervin if your business is interested in being a sponsor. They are also looking to purchase a snow cone machine.

o Graffiti cleanup will be going on near Illinois and Wyoming Sts, possibly Irwin and Diamond as well.

* Matt Tepper, president of Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association updated the group on neighborhood activities:

o There will be a neighborhood cleanup on May 5th, starting at 10AM, meeting at the bakery. Anyone is welcome to help; supplies will be provided, along with lunch.

o Family Dollarís request for a liquor license is coming up for review. Matt has submitted his view that the business is irresponsible when it comes to this neighborhood and would only get worse with a liquor license.

o Matt spoke to the City about the overhead power lines being installed along Rita St, counter to previous plans to put the lines underground. Residents are very unhappy as trees are being cut down.

* Connie Nisonger updated the group on land use issues.

Our first guest speakers today were David Andrews and Rick Sether from the Ponitz Career Technology Center. David spoke to the group about the programs available at the center, the skills students learn and how the programs work. It is a partnership with Dayton Public Schools and Sinclair. They also partner with many area businesses, offering job shadowing and immersion programs. They are having a Senior Seminar Day on May 3rd with a career fair in the afternoon. Contact David if your company is interested in participating. Rick oversees the automotive department and gave details on their partnerships with local dealers and their lottery program that has increased attendance and benefitted the students as well as the department.

The second set of speakers was Kervin Valez and Christine Hamilton from DPD. They discussed crime prevention for both businesses and homes and the program they have to provide a security survey. They look at access control, natural surveillance (visibility,

lighting, walkways), territoriality (defining the space as public vs private), formal surveillance (camera/video) and target hardening. The goal of all of these tactics is to discourage undesirable behavior. Other tips include maintaining your property, making sure areas are well lit, and reporting suspicious behavior. Kervin highly recommends the Ring camera system, which gives you alerts when someone comes to your door and can have a neighborhood alert set up. They also noted the app/website Dayton Delivers, which can be used to report potholes, non-functioning lights and illegal dumping.

Barry closed the meeting, thanking everyone for their participation. Our next meeting will be held on May 23rd. See you then!

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong!


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