GONDBA Meeting


Today's meeting was held at the Amber Rose Restaurant, attended by numerous local business owners, managers, law enforcement and city and county representatives.

* Barry Hall, out-going president, opened the meeting and welcomed those in attendance.

* Matt Tepper, president of Old North Dayton Neighborhood Assoc updated the group on neighborhood activities:

o The first neighborhood cleanup of the year will be held on April 1st

o One of this yearís cleanups will be done jointly with McCook Field and GONDBA to clean up the area at Stanley and 75

o Crime has been down consistently 30%

* Bill Evans spoke to the group about the Order of the Precious Blood which assists the impoverished with budgeting and spending and asked for donations from business of $25

* Danielle Rhubart from UD spoke to the group about looking for input from residents on the Superfund sites in McCook Field, OND and Riverside. A survey may go out in the Spring if funding can be obtained. Residents and businesses interested in participating in focus groups can email Danielle at drhubart1@udayton.edu

* Kervin Valez of Dayton Police Department gave crime stats.

o Please donít leave your car running unattended. Lock your vehicle when you are not in it. The majority of auto thefts or break-ins are opportunistic

* Connie Nisonger from Dayton Planning and Community Development made the group aware of a few services available from the city of Dayton

o There is an Earned Income Tax Credit program for families earning less than 54,800/yr that provide free tax preparation, sponsored by Key Bank and the United Way. Tax prep is available at the Job Center on Mon, wed and Sat. Interested residents can call 937-913-2000 to set up an appointment

o Mini grants of up to $5000 are available to neighborhood associations, block clubs, business associations, community gardens, etc. There are mandatory training sessions to be held on March 11 or 16 at the NW rec center.

* A handout from the RTA was provided to attendees requesting participation in a survey on development of the areaís transit plan. This can also be accessed at http://www.i-riderta.org/whatdrivesyou


Our guest speakers today were Darius Hixon and Paul Fleischman, environmental scientists from the City of Dayton and Jason Eckert for the Dayton Fire Department

They spoke to the group on the multijurisdictional source water protection program. Protection of the Great Miami Valley aquifer is provided through zoning and water codes. Businesses can get a free site assessment to reduce risk and funding is

available up to $10,000 to address any recommendations made. Other services available include H2Know luncheons. More information is available at DaytonWater.org

Jason discussed fire safety in the workplace as part of the Community Risk Reduction efforts, focusing on education, engineering and economics.

The meeting closed with a presentation to Barry Hall who revitalized GONDBA and has served as its president for over 13 years. Barry is stepping down and ready to assist the next leader who would like to bring fresh ideas to the business association and take the group forward. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact Barry or one of the other board members. GONDBA treasurer Steve Gaytko and secretary Kathy Rudolf will continue on in their current roles.

Thanks for keeping our businesses strong!


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