Some of our Guest Speakers in the past year include:

Rashad Young Dayton City Manager
Mat Heck Mont Co. Prosecutor
The Honorable Judge Anthony Capizzi Mont Co Juvenile Court
The Honorable Judge Dennis Langer Mont Co Common  Pleas Court
Richard Biehl Police Chief—City of Dayton
Randy Beane President of the Fraternal Order of Police
John Daney Worker Comp Specialist  
Steve Renninger US EPA  Chrysler VOC Plume site  
“Chip” Shriver Sonitol Security Systems  
Bruce Brenner, EA Tax Consultant
Phil Plummer Chief Deputy Montgomery County Sherriff
Mike Kelly Former UD head football coach
Dan Foley Montgomery County Commissioner
Phil Parker President, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
Nicole Swisher ProTelHR Federal Labor Law Compliance Specialist
Dennis Adkins and Margret Quinn Candidates for Mont. Co. Common Pleas Court Judge
Judge Frances McGee Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge
Craig Powell Power Net of Dayton
Gary Leitzell Candidate for Dayton City Mayor
Chief Richard Biehl Chief of Police
Judge John Pickrel Dayton Municipal Court
Mayor Mclin Dayton Mayor
Norm Essman CityWide Development
Nick Domsitz

Field Rep

John Boehner
US House of Representitives
8th District
House Minority Whip
Frieda Brigner & Diane Graham Habitat for Humanity
Charile Shoemaker 5 River Metro Parks
Richard Biehl Police Chief—City of Dayton
Rene Oberer Running in the May Republican Primary against Mike Turner
Marijane Recob Challenger Center
Charlie Pierce MONCO
Mark Gerhardstein Mont. Co. Bd. Dev. Disabled Svcs.
Jim Dare, Director Mo. Co. Adult Probation
Nympha Clark & Media Jyawook Catholic Social Services MV
Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell
Stephanie Cook Dayton City Prosecutor
Chris Pawelski MVCPOP
Shelly Dickstein Asst City Mgr for Strategic Development 
Tim Riordan Dayton City Manager
Samuel Dowse
Randell Comer
Martin, Browne, Hull and Harper, LLC
Karen Garber
Bob Redden
US Postal service
Jared Lockwood Sandler Training
(left to right) John Gower, Karen Demasi, Andrew Rodney City Wide Development
Judge Christopher Roberts and Chief Prosecutor Stephanie Cook  (937) 333-4400
Sean Welsh Nova LLC
(937) 580-0261
John Pawelski Moonlight Security Service
(937) 252-1600
Mark Heitz Garrett LLC
Debbie Feldman Dayton Childrens Hospital
Nan Whaley (937) 333-3644
AJ Wagner (937) 223-5200
Tod Phillips
Tom Sieler
(419) 887-2808
(419) 887-2807
Scott Reeve  Composite Advantage
(937) 723-9031
Gary Leitzel 253-1359
Andy Badinghaus

Keith Steeber P.E.
Citywide Development
City of Dayton Engineering
Erik Hardin
Virginia Narsete
Dion Novak
Michele Simmons City of Dayton Environmental Manager
Mike Grauwelman Mo County Land Bank
Paul Gruner MC Engineer
Monnie Bush Victory Project
Ford Weber Dayton Economic  Dev. Bd.
Chris Shaw Dayton City Commission candidate
Scott Sliver Dayton City Commission candidate
Mike Turner Congressman
Phil Plummer Chief Deputy Montgomery County Sheriff
Capt. Mike Brem     Mo. Co. Sheriff    Con Issue 3
Atty. Brice Keller Keller Law Office  Pro Issue 3
Shelley Dickstein Dayton City Manager
Larry Hansgen WHIO radio
Adil Baguirov American Power LLC
Paul Fleishman, Darius Hixon, Jason Eckhart and Barry Hall
Dayton Water Source protection  333-3713 

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